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Carriculum vitae

March 04, 1973 the Chamber Chorus gave its first concert on the stage of Glinka State Conservatoire of Gorky. This concert made a good start for its further activity and professional growth. The desire to become immersed in the chorus singing atmosphere first united students of the Chorus Department of the Conservatoire, musicologists, pianists, and then students of the Music School, schoolteachers, workers and office employees joined it. Some compositions of Nizhny Novgorod composers were played at the first concert. Later the performance of these compositions became a peculiar tradition of the musical collective. The Chamber Chorus is also becoming a peculiar creative studio for such composers as A. Kac'yanov, A. Nesterov, B. Getselev, E. Fertelmeister, S. Strazov, E. Sherbakov, L. Sivukhin. It has always been important for the collective not only to make the audience hear new compositions of modern composers (G. Sviridov, R. Shedrin, A. Schnitke, N. Sidel'nikov, M. Kazhlayev, U. Falik), but also to restore the masterpieces of the forgotten past. So, the music of the masters of the old polyphonic school of Renaissance (J. Depres, O. Lasso, G. Dufailli, K. Montverde, K. Janneken) was included in the concert programs. The concerts where the best compositions of the Russian sacred music written by M. Berezovsky, D. Bortnyansky, A. Kastal'sky, S. Rakhmaninov, P. Chesnokov and practically not played at that time made a lasting and unforgettable impression on the audience. For many years the Chamber Chorus has been the main participant of the seasonal chorus concerts in Glinka State Conservatoire of Gorky. The concerts at which compositions of different epochs, styles, genres were played were always sold out. At the same time the people of Nizhny Novgorod had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the series of the TV programs "Art of Choral Singing", "Voices of Epochs". The films "Voices and Colors", "Volga Tunes" sound-tracked by Chamber Chorus are included in the history of Nizhny Novgorod culture. At the present time the Chamber Chorus keeps on making a series of seasonal programs for children and adults. Over forty concerts are given by the collective during a season. For many years of the concert activity the repertoire of the Chamber Chorus has been immensely widen from the point of view of chorus literature and actually become unique. During the period of its existence the Chamber Chorus made a lot of tours to the cities of Russia and took part in many prestigious Russian and international competitions and was awarded the first prize for the art of their sound.